Single Seater

Vinyl White Crocodile

Churchill Chesterfields and Upholstery
A string white single childrens chair in white crocodile print, the print has raised textures just like crocodile skin.
Single Seater

Custom Embroidered Name on Back

Churchill Chesterfields and Upholstery
We are having (your child’s name embroidered into the chairs)Price for Embroidering is $15.00 *In addition to Base Chair Cost* Cushion not included in this deal.

Australian Made

These chairs are made in Queensland Australia, so you can be assured of the quality and lifetime of a Churchill Chesterfield product.

Shipping Australia Wide

We can ship Australia wide please contact us for shipping quote with the delivery Suburb, State & Postcode.

Secure payments

Secure payments via PayPal or direct deposit. No order is started without winning your confidence first.

Customers testimonials

From our customers

What ages do the chairs suit
The children's chairs & settee we manufacture are suitable for children from around aged 2 to 10, we can however custom make to suite any size you require.
Are the prices on the site final?
The prices on the site are set for the items pictured however any custom order or new order may incur additional costs due to the cost of fabric requested or any additional work like embroidery. The prices also do not include shipping costs.
What are they made from and where?
All chairs are hand crafted on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. So they are 100% Australian and made from quality materials like Australian Pine frames and Dunlop Stamina fire resistant foam. We offer a 24 month structural warranty and a 12 month manufacturing guarantee for all our products that we manufacture against faulty manufacturing not general wear & tear.
I did not see a fabric i wanted? how can i request one?
Fantastic news, we love to have your ideas come to life, our showroom is just an example of the work we have done so far and we would love to hear from you and any samples you have to info@churchillchesterfields.com.au
How do i order?
You can simply start your order by sending an email to info@churchillchesterfields.com.au with the product you have in mind or to ask about other fabric options.
How do i buy/pay for the chairs?
Currently we are having issues with our online store thus we are only showing it in catalogue mode. Once you send an email off to info@churchillchesterfields.com.au and confirm your order, you will receive details on how to pay.
Do you have a facebook page?
Well funny you ask, yes we do have a facebook page and we would love you to visit it @ https://www.facebook.com/pg/churchillchesterfields/
How do i leave a review?
We love reviews of our amazing products and love to hear how much your kids love them. Please feel free to write a review via our facebook page or sending it in an email to info@churchillchesterfields.com.au If you have any concerns or issues please use the above email address also as we will endeavour to make you a happy customer.
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